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Cara Figlia - My Fussy Girl

Cara figlia,

It's true, what they say, I really do love in a way I didn't know existed before and it is all worth it and all that. But you, my love, are a Fussy Baby. There, I've said it. Now it's out there, and I can't take it back. I don't even want to take it back.

You could not be defined as ONLY a Fussy Baby, though. You are sweet, cuddly, giggly, smiley, inquisitive, active, and many other things. But you are also a Fussy Baby.

I know some people were happy to have the diagnosis of colic and don't understand why others don't want to name their babies "colicky." And when you were just a newborn, your dad and I agonized over what was going on with you. I read the Baby Book's definition of Fussy/Colicky/High Needs, and I realized that my issue with "colicky" was that I didn't think it truly describe what was going on with you. I have no problem with the term or using it to descibe babies. But you fit more with the desciption…

Would You Like Some Cheese With That?

I hate my mornings. That's not to say that I hate all mornings. I used to be fine with mornings. I was never a "morning person" per se, but I'd made my peace with getting up early, getting ready for the day and commuting in to work (which is usually pretty rough in the DC area).

But things are different now. Now we have the Pumpkin, who I love so much and wouldn't trade her for the world, but... she has not been what you'd call an easy baby. For the first almost 3 months of her life (except at night), she WOULD NOT BE PUT DOWN FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES! I am not exaggerating. It wasn't one of those things where she would make a noise and I, a new mom, would hurry to pick her up. Within minutes of being put down, she would work up to a scream of epic proportions. HOW! COULD! YOU! PUT! ME! DOWN! And I didn't "get her used to" being held. This was the case from Day 1. Although, I guess I did get her used to it, considering she was carried around i…

Don't Push Me Cause I'm Close to the Edge...

It's like the Pumpkin somehow knows that her dad and I are right on the edge of losing it... And she pulls us back by sleeping from 8 UNTIL 5! Yes, it was a beautiful night last night.

The morning was still rough for her and me because we didn't really go back to sleep until 5:50. My alarm goes off at 6:00. So basically we were up since 5. And that almost hour when we lay in bed with me trying to nurse her back to sleep? She fidgeted the whole time, scratching me, pulling at my PJ pants, plucking at my PJ top, scratching the wall behind her, kicking me, grabbing at my hand, waving her arm around, and you get the picture. Fidgeting in general drives me crazy. It's especially frustrating when the baby fidgets for almost an hour when all I want to do is go back to sleep.

The 7 hours of sleep I got were great, but the morning was not so great with her fussing because she was still tired and my grouchiness because of the Fidget Hour. But I've dropped the Pumpkin off at my m…

Torture, Magic and Death of a Redskin

Apparently the car seat is the most evil device ever created to torture the baby! But my boobs... They are magic!

Thank you to all the women before me who have shared tales of what they've had to do to get a carseat-hating baby through a long car trip. I've now joined the legions of women who have put themselves in physical danger by angling myself over the carseat to get the baby a magic boob, all without the aid of a seat belt. But it was worth it when she drifted off to sleep...

And we had another rough night with the teething Pumpkin, but we made it through.

The same cannot be said for everyone. Sean Taylor, 24, a safety for the Washington Redskins, died early this morning after being shot yesterday. My and my husband's condolences go out to his family, friends and teammates, especially his 18-month old daughter. He will be missed by many.

How Life Has Changed

So, there I am on Black Friday, entering the mall with MIL, SIL and the Pumpkin. I love to shop, and I really need new clothes that fit me better. Regardless of what I weigh, my body shape has changed and my old clothes do not currently fit me right. There is not much in the small mall near my inlaws house, but they do have two department stores, and we've entered one.

But do I head to the women's department to look for nice work clothes and casual clothes that might fit me? Nope. Do I head to the jewerly counter to look for a little something for me or Christmas presents for family? Nope. Do I go to the men's section to look for gifts for my husband or family? Nope. Certainly I would go straight to the housewares to find fun things for the house, or again maybe Christmas presents (I really need to get presents!). Nope!

I immediately go the children's section and shop for clothes for the Pumpkin. She could get by without more clothes, but getting her more would lessen ho…