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Cara Mama - Walking and Climbing

Cara Mama,

This walking thing is fun! It's not quite as fast as crawling, but I can hold toys and clothes in each hand and still move across the room! I'm loving that. I'm still feeling a bit wobbly sometimes, but overall I think I'm doing well.

I also love climbing the stairs. I could do that all day. I especially like climbing the stairs up to the big bed*. Once I'm at the top, it's fun to play on the bed. I love to roll around and fall backward and climb on pillows. And it's so fun to look over the edge and try to slide face forward off of it. I don't know why you keep telling me to be careful and won't let me play up there alone. And what does "give you a heart attack" mean?

Tua bambina,

*We have steps just like these that are against our bed. They are for the dog because she has had back problems and should not be jumping on and off our very tall bed. She sleeps on our bed and we really can't keep her off, so we got the steps …

Cara Figlia - You Were Great!

Cara figlia,

We had such a great day, and you were so good! First, you slept in until 7:20!!! That was so crazy, but that's the kind of insanity I hope will continue every morning. Then we had a great time going out to the diner for breakfast, where you ate the ham and cheddar omelete and fruit like a champ.

You slept for 45 minutes on the way to your godfather's house, which is a good nap for you. After everyone got there, you, your aunt and I had so much fun playing while the other people played cards. You ate a great lunch sitting on my lap, and then you took a nap for an hour and a half in my arms. Which gave me a great opportunity to also take an hour nap and get some reading in.

You woke up in a great mood and actually did really well on the hour drive home. You only fussed and cried for about 15 or 20 minutes total, which is a record for you! And you just came in the room with the sweetest smile on your face! Now, if you just go to bed for the night well, it'll be th…

Snow Day

Well, it's really an icy day. I hear the commute was horrible. So I emailed that I was staying home today. I'll try to do some work, but with the baby toddling around, it's hard to do anything but watch her--as I'm sure all parents know!

And actually, we are having so much fun today! I finally get why parents enjoy staying home with babies and kids. Especially because she didn't wake up until 6:30 and she went down for her morning nap pretty well. Also, at her current age, she is really developing into a little person. It's really amazing to watch.

I hope everyone out there is safe, warm and having fun.

Six Quirky Things Meme

One Tired Ema tagged me for my very first meme! I'm probably more excited about this than I should be.

Here are the rules:
1) Link to the person that tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least 3 people at the end of your post and link to their blogs.
5) Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6) Let the fun begin!

Now, I take exception to the "non-important" part of this meme, as everything about me is important! But, I'll play anyway. ;-) Here are 6 quirks about me.

1. I never learned how to ride a bike. It's true. This is because I am more stubborn than my dad, and that's saying something. You see when I was younger, I had a really great Strawberry Shortcake bike, which a basket and a bell and training wheels. Well, I had a big fall and totally skinned my knee. My dad said that I needed to learn to ride without the training wheels so I would lear…

Feeding the Child

A few times recently (IRL) people have asked me about the Pumpkin's eating. Mostly it is to ask if she is on table food yet. There is not really a simple answer to that for me, so I end up telling people about our style of feeding and having to admit that I'm a bit of a hippie mom. Which I'm now going to admit to you all.
Did you all think I was just some normal mom? Nope, it turns out I'm a bit of a hippie in my parenting. I'm sure this will start to come out more and more as time goes by. But don't worry, I'll let the crazies out slowly so as not to scare you away. I hope.

When we got our highchair set up in our kitchen, Londo looked over at me one day, smiled and said how he couldn't wait until he could airplane in spoons of food to the baby's waiting mouth. It was then that I realized how little interest I had in feeding a baby solid foods. It just sounded like so much work and that it would require so much patience. And there was something about …

Her Dog Days Are Numbered

I was going to post today about how we are feeding the Pumpkin, but something happened this morning that I'm quite upset about and I need ideas/advice. I'll post the one about feeding the baby tomorrow.

This morning, the Pumpkin climbed up onto the bed where the dog was lying, not asleep but resting. I was right there supervising the whole thing, and telling the baby to be "gentle." But either the baby wasn't gentle or she surprised the dog when she tried to pat her ribs. And the dog snapped in her face.

I have never been more mad at that dog, and that's saying something.

The dog didn't bite her, but when the dog is surprised or hurt, she snaps her jaws at the person/thing that did it, and it happened to be the baby's face that was there when she turned. She has never ever bitten anyone or thing, no matter how hurt or surprised, so I'm not worried about the dog truly hurting the baby. In fact, the dog puts up with a lot and is really extremely gentl…

Question of the Week - Pregnancy Best and Worst

There seems to be a lot of people pregnant these days, and a lot of other people trying to conceive. Some mommybloggers have just had babies, some are duevery soonor in a few, and some have just announcedtheir pregnancies. Of course, there are others who are not trying at all, and there are those who are having problems conceiving. It's weird for me to realize, I've been all of these.

This week's question of the week is to honor all those who have been, currently are, currently are trying or will some day be pregnant themselves, but especially it is for a good friend of mine who has just entered her second trimester.

Question of the Week:
In your opinion, what was the best and the worst part about being pregnant? For those are partners of someone who was/is pregnant, what was the best and worst part about your partner being pregnant?

For me, the best part was eating just about anything I wanted (except for sushi and soft cheeses and all that stuff), especially desserts! The w…

Cara Mama - Going to Sleep

Cara Mama,

Thanks for letting me play with your hair while I nurse and while I try to go to sleep. And thanks for singing to me to settle me down at night. I've justbeensofidgety, but the singing and playing with your hair is really helping me settle down and actually fall asleep. I love you Mama, even if I don't yet say mama. Or I love you, for that matter.

Oh, and quit trying to make me give you kisses! I'm totally done with that game!

Ti amo,