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The Pumpkin's First Year - Part Two

When the Pumpkin turned six months old, she really started to show her personality more, and it is a smiley and happy personality. During her seventh month, she got much better at sitting up and went from doing the army crawl to real hands and knees crawling. She even started pulling herself up to standing. We started her on solid foods, her first food being banana (a food that I personally can't stand the smell or taste of, but she seemed to really enjoy). She didn't ingest much for the first month, but she really enjoyed playing with the food and putting it in her mouth. Her sleeping, however, was the toughest thing at this stage. It was starting to impove, and then got bad all over again. We decided that as long as she wasn't sleeping well, she could do it in her own room. So we moved her into her nursery, and when she would wake up after 2, I would go in and cosleep with her in the twin bed in the nursery. So, days were great, but nights were rough.

The eighth month sta…

The Pumpkin's First Year - Part One

Yesterday was the Pumpkin's first birthday. She is one whole year old. And what a year it's been.

Monday, I posted about her birth. I won't go into my time at the hospital, but I left as soon as I could. The next month of the Pumpkin's life, my sweet little girl would not be put down--and for the few two weeks, not even to sleep at night. She also needed constant motion. She was sweet and snuggly, and I loved holding her. She was not used to being in the world; she was used to the warmth, comfort, noise and motion of my womb. So we held her all the time. When we tried to put her down, she would work herself up so quickly that I knew she just wasn't ready. We were able to swaddle her and put her in the swing at night during the end of the month, which is the only way we got to sleep. I also used the sling all the time, and that was a major help.

The second month was much the same as the first. The Pumpkin still couldn't stand to be put down. It was hard on us all,…

Cara Figlia - Happy Birthday to the Pumpkin

Buono primo compleanno alla mia bambina (happy first birthday to my baby),

One year ago today was truly the first day of the rest of my life. You have been a delight, bring more laughter and joy into my life and your daddy's life than we ever had before. Your laughter is the sweetest sound in the world, your bright eyes the most beautiful sight.

This first year of your life has not always been easy, but it has definitely been the best year ever for me and your daddy. You were never a laid back, easy baby, but for you that means that you feel things to their fullest. When you are upset, you are UPSET! But when you are happy, you are HAPPY! You cry and giggle with equal abandon, and we love that about you.

Today, I took off work to celebrate your birthday with you. This morning, we had a birthday breakfast with daddy, and your Grandma is visiting and got to play with you after breakfast. Once you wake up from your morning nap, we are going to go to the zoo and see the animals! I know …

Remembering Labor and Delivery

Please excuse the lack of a Question of the Week this week. This is a very special week for Londo and me, so I'm doing some special things. One year ago today, I went into labor. One year ago tomorrow, our little girl was born. In the past year, our lives changed in ways we never would have predicted. I am feeling incredibly happy, without the words to express it. I'm feeling nostalgic about what happened a year ago (and everything since). I'm also completely amazed that we survived to tell the tale! ;-)

So tell the tale I will. It's long and I'm wordy, so bare with me only if you are up for it. The tale of the Pumpkin's birth is like something out of a sitcom. There is humor, frustration, drama, an EKG machine, a big needle and a knife. And it all started in an unexpected way.

My due date was March 1, 2007. I was prepared for the baby to come late, as I'd heard most first babies do and my mom's kids and my sister's daughter were all late (apparently…

Cara Mama - Little Gym, Lotta Fun

Cara Mama,

That Little Gym class we went to yesterday? That was so much fun!

There were other kids to watch and play with! There was walking and climbing! And running*! I got to hang from a bar with your help! And I climbed up the cheese wedge mat and onto tall mats! You helped me walk backwards** on the beam! There were songs and bells! There was climbing on bars and other mats! There were balls and foam sticks! There was a parachute to go on and under! I climbed up the stairs mat, and you know how I love stairs! You helped me do forward and backwards rolls! There were bubbles! And did I mention climbing?

Sign me up, Mama. That is the class for me. When do we get to go again***?

La tua bambina molta felice (your very happy baby),

*OMG, my little girl is starting to run. It's scary and delightful.

**Apparently, they do themes, and yesterday was backwards day. It was very cute.

***We did a free trial yesterday. We signed up to start the class in two weekends. Next Saturday is her …