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Considering Montessori

Last week, I visited a Montessori school with pre-school. I've always been interested in the Montessori method, and Londo and I have talked about Montessori schools and pre-schools since before we started trying to have kids.

As I've looked into it recently, I've discovered a few things I didn't know realize would be important when finding a Montessori school. First, since the term Montessori isn't copyrighted or anything like that, anyone can stick the label Montessori on what they do, so you have to be sure that the school you are considering meets your expectations. Second, some of the schools can seem like they are full of Stepford children, which is not what we want for the Pumpkin. A coworker of mine visited one school and said it was like they were Borg children, all mindlessly complying. Third, schools can get accredited, but if I understand correctly, there are two different schools of thought: the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and the Americ…

Was It Funny Because I'm So Tired?

I don't want to talk about my night--my horrible, no good, very bad night--except to say one thing. When I went in to the Pumpkin's nursery, as usual she was standing up, leaning against her crib rail. She was too tired to stand on her own but unwilling or unable to lie down on her own. So I thought I would try to get her to lie down and maybe she'd just go back to sleep. My only excuse for this level of wishful thinking was the sheer exhaustion I was feeling.

I helped her lie down, and tried to rub her back. But that is when she told me about the bloody murder. Did I say told? I meant screamed. That was when she SCREAMED. BLOODY. FREAKING. MURDER. My child's self-soothing abilities are completely absent. But I think I'm going to try this every night. Every night I will attempt to get her to lie down on her own. Just to get her used to the idea. Is this how you move into sleep training? I know we've been doing some form of it the whole time, but it always felt …

Sleeping Woes Make Me Cranky

Happy Earth Day!

Can I just say that I love the men who comment on my blog? Did you see whatthey wrote on the QotW about confidence? I can confidently speak for all women everywhere that we love you guys. Can you teach classes or write a How To book or something? Better yet, let's all agree to advertise their blogs and send links to all the men we know! Check out My Goofy Daddy and I'm Not Skippy and be jealous of their wives! I would be jealous, but Londo is right up there with them... I mean even above them!! I'll link to Londo's blog, but he doesn't ever update it.

Here's something else I'm confident about: If the Pumpkin doesn't start sleeping through until morning again pretty soon, I will LOSE MY MIND!!!

Remember when I wrote about how the Pumpkin sleep trained herself and I said I knew it wouldn't last? Of course it didn't. Between the teething of molars, the sickness, a developmental spurt and the fact that the stars are in retrograde, we…

Question of the Week - Confidence

In general, I'm a pretty self-confident person. Whether it's due to nature or nurture or most likely a combination of both, I generally am not filled with self-doubt or second guess myself. I'm also not filled with modesty, apparently, but I didn't say I was perfect. In fact, I do have many flaws, but I know them well and have learned to just live with them and/or learned to compensate for them in other ways. In general.

This is not to say that I don't go through periods of self-doubt or lack confidence in certain areas. This became very apparent to me during the last year. IMO, there is nothing more humbling than being a first-time parent. As I've said before, there were so many things that I thought which turned out to be way off base simply because I didn't know what being a parent was really like. Especially the parent of a very fussy little girl. Those first few months of trial by fire plus the really difficult times while suffering from PPD, they real…

Cara Mama - Then Why Don't You Listen?

Cara Mama,

I like the fact that I am babbling too. It's okay that you don't understand everything I'm trying to say. I know I need to work on learning the real words and how to pronounce them. But sometimes I use real words and I really mean them. Why don't you listen to me when I do?

Like last night, when you were trying to nurse me to sleep, and I kept saying "down." I wanted to get down. I didn't want to go to sleep! I don't care if I was really tired and it was bedtime. I wanted down and you didn't put me down. You did the same thing that time in the spy museum. I told you down, but you wouldn't put me down! Or those times when you pick me up when I'm clearly saying Dada! You tell me "You mean Mama." But sometimes I don't! I want Daddy even though he's leaving the house! He should stay and be with me cause I ask for him.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that it's great you like that I'm talking. But you really …